Friday, May 9, 2014

Rainy Day Paper Crowns

My friend's little girl came over to play and it was raining outside. The kids really wanted to play outside... so it was just disappointing. In an effort to turn their 3-year-old frowns upside down, I pulled out construction paper, foam stickers, puffs, and markers. To their delight they just decorated a piece of paper and I took out my pinking shears to cut them into crowns and we taped the two pieces together! They LOVED their crowns and it was fun to see how they wanted to wear capes and eventually gloves(?) with their crowns. Kids are so funny!

My 13 month old had a crown as well... which he destroyed. He also tried to destroy the other kid's crowns - so make sure you have tape at the ready to fix them up!


 Decorating their paper

 Palmer's crown I cut with the pinking shears

 Taped together crown

 It's impossible to take a picture of two moving kids!

Happy baby with his crown before he destroyed it!

Also, Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful and selfless mommies out there! I think I'd like to sleep in... these other mommies got it right!


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