Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mason Jar Vases

As the end of the school year approaches, I thought I'd make something for my son's teachers with Mason Jars. Of course I needed 2 Mason Jars, and my options at the store were either 1 Mason Jar, or a box of 12... Beware - I will be posting more DIYs with Mason Jars because, you guessed it, I have 12! I found the sweetest printable I will be attaching to the teacher Mason Jars, but since we won't be giving them to them until next week, I made another easy Mason Jar vase for a small BBQ we hosted last night.

I did spray paint the Mason Jars with regular red spray paint to make the vase stand out. You can really use anything to decorate your Mason Jars, I used ribbon I had in my house and burlap wreath ribbon that was pretty thick, which I folded in half. No glue or tape was used. Super simple!

Spray Paint and Mason Jars

 Ribbon, burlap ribbon, scissors

 Folded Burlap before placing Mason Jar down

 Secure burlap with ribbon/twine

 2 Teacher Mason Jars we will put flowers in and include this sweet tag!

BBQ Mason Jar Vase


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