Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hashtag Tote Bag DIY

Who hasn't seen the adorable "hashtag" tote bags by Kate Spade? Well... you can make yours own for a fraction of the cost! All you need is a $5 canvas tote bag, acrylic paint of your choice, a foam brush, paint tape, and black iron-on letters. Super simple to make and all you need is to come up with your own "hashtag" to personalize your tote bag.

I originally saw this adorable DIY project on CraftyTexasGirls Blog - she has the best ideas! She made her totes for Girls Scouts and for Mother's Day for her mom.

I made four tote bags so far - and plan to make at least one more in the near future!

 Supplies: Black iron-on letters, acrylic paint, canvas tote bag, painters tape, foam brush
*Tape off your bag and make sure to press firmly on the tape to avoid paint bleeding, paint lower half of your bag with acrylic paint

 *Let paint dry completely before removing your tape

 *Select your letters to "hashtag" and place them where you want them on the bag - be sure to make your own hashtag out of other letters you aren't using (the iron-ons don't come with a hashtag)

 *Iron on your letters according to the directions

Such a great gift to personalize for friends and family! #Nana is for my mother, #GA Peach is for my sister who lives in GA, #Jujube is for a friend who loves Ju-Ju-Be bags, and mine is #Craftymom


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