Sunday, May 18, 2014

Painting Vintage Mason Jars DIY

Beware - there will be at least two Mason Jar projects on the blog this week! The first one I did was super simple and turned out to be so pretty! I love the color I chose to paint my Mason Jar, you can really pick any pastel acrylic color you like. The sandpapering of the Mason Jar at the end can be minimal, to a lot, pending how you want your Mason Jar to look in the end. These are perfect for a table centerpiece with some fresh (or fake!) flowers. You can also use them as decorations around your home, holding a candle, or placed in your bathroom as a toothbrush holder. Since I'm trying to use up my dozen Mason Jars... the things I have listed are actually potential possibilities in my future for my jars! Or I'll just paint a bunch and give them away as gifts.

Painting Vintage Mason Jars DIY


- Mason Jar (I used a quart)
- chalkboard paint
- foam brush
- acrylic paint

1. Paint your Mason Jar with chalkboard paint with your foam brush. Let dry completely.
2. Rinse your foam brush (or using a different one) and paint your acrylic paint over your chalkboard painted Mason Jar. Let dry.
3. Apply a second or third coat of paint as needed, be sure to allow paint to dry completely between coats.
4. Using your sandpaper, rub off the acrylic paint to your desire to where the chalkboard paint shows.

 Chalkboard paint, acrylic paint in "Sea Glass", Mason Jar, foam brush

Left: Chalkboard painted jar
Right: Acrylic painted jar

 Using sandpaper to rub off the acrylic paint to show chalkboard paint

 Finished Vintage Mason Jar with raffia bow

Beautiful table centerpiece!


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