Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Crockpot Apple Butter

Fall is in the air! The leaves are falling, everything pumpkin is out and we recently took a trip to a local farm to pick pumpkins and apples! Of course I made apple strudel and decided to try my hand at apple butter. It is so easy to make and your house smells amazing while the apples are cooking! Now if only I had remembered to buy cinnamon toast...

Crockpot Apple Butter

- 6 apples; 4 peeled, 2 keep skin on
- 1/4 cup brown sugar
- 2 tsp vanilla extract
- 2 tsp cinnamon
- 1/4 tsp salt

1. Chop your apples into 1-2 inch pieces and place in your crockpot.
2. Sprinkle brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and salt on top of your apples.
3. Cook on low for 5-7 hours until apples have broken down and are mushy; stir every hour.
4. Puree apples in a food processor/blender until smooth.
5. Store in an air tight container in the fridge once cooled completely.

 Apples in crockpot

 Apples breaking down after 3 hours

 Pureed apples

Apple Butter on toast!