Monday, November 16, 2015

Kinley's 5th Camo Birthday Party

My son is 5! I can't believe it. I'm almost in denial. These last 5 years have gone by so quickly and I am so impressed with the little man he is today. He is obsessed with Army guys and legos, loves to go to school and learn, and is a great big brother (even when his little brother wrestles him). It is so fun to watch him learn and ask questions I think I didn't even worry about at 5. What a wonderful kid he is. We absolutely love being Kinley's parents and can't wait to see what this year has in store!

Army guys. Soldiers. Camouflage. Tanks. No problem buddy!

I made soldier cupcakes for Kinley to take to school and we invited a few kids to come over and celebrate his birthday this past weekend. It was a small party - which was perfect for our small house!

Here are the details from our Soldier Camouflage Party!

 Traditional "Kinley is 5" shirt from Etsy

 Goody Bag: Soldier gummy bears and camo sunglasses

Tank Balloons

Craft: Make your own pinata candy bag - sponge painted brown paper bags

 Tank pinata from Party City

The kids loved it!

Camouflage Cupcakes

- 1 box cake
- 1.5 cans frosting
- brown and green frosting gel
- 3 piping bags
- large star frosting tip

 Juniper Green and Brown frosting gel

 Separate cake batter into 3 bowls and dye two of them brown and green

 Take turns with each color spooning them into the cupcake liners - I used white liners

 Camo Cupcakes

You can see the camo through the white liner!

 Dyed frosting green and brown and placed in separate piping bags. Placed both piping bags inside 1 piping bag to get both colors to come out.

 Added a toy soldier to the top!

 Cupcake Army

Kinley celebrating at school!