Saturday, April 26, 2014

Painting an Exterior Door DIY

To continue my theme of painting my house - the front door was tackled with some fresh paint yesterday! I just finished the second coat and my door is Spring ready! I was inspired by this blog and got myself a quart of outside weather friendly paint and got to work. Love the results! Now my husband just needs to power wash the house...


- quart of paint, I used Valspar Ultra Paint+Primer for the Exterior with a Satin finish (You can always ask the paint consultant at your local hardware store for suggestions in selecting the right paint), color: Lincoln Cottage Lattice Green
- paint brush
- paint tape

1. Wash your front door with some soapy water and let dry.
2. Tape off your door hardware so you don't get paint on them.
3. Paint your door! I used two coats. Let dry.


 Old Paint with taped off hardware

 Fresh Paint!

 Finished door

And it was homemade pizza night... my pizza dough is amazing!



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  2. It seems that you have a natural flair for home making and painting! You even managed to make awesome dough for pizza night! Are there any more areas of your home that needs repainting? I hope you will share them to us as well. Till next time!

    Richmond Gordon @ WaterLoo Certa Pro