Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pirate 1st Birthday Party

This past week our little guy turned 1! So we had a Pirate themed birthday party to celebrate! I thought we could have a little photo booth during the party, since you can't do a lot of activities with 1-year-olds. I made six pirate props: a mustache, a beard, a pirate hat, a treasure map, a hook, and an eye patch out of black poster paper that I cut out and hot glued to a wooden dowel. I also hand drew a Pirate Ship on butcher paper that we hung up as our photo booth backdrop. The photo booth was a big hit and we got some super fun photos of our guests as they came in!

My son is wearing a pirate costume that my mom ("NaNa") had made for my first son's 1st Halloween
- I'm really glad each boy got a chance to wear it! I made a small smash cake that I placed a number "1" cookie cutter on top and filled it with red sprinkles. I also made a few red tissue paper puffs and two banners that read "Palmer is 1" and "I Am 1." The bunting parts of my banner are from a free printable I found here.

The food we had for our guests were snacks, appetizers, and cake! Potato chips and gold fish mixture ("Fish and Chips"), strawberries and blueberries, homemade sugar cookies with buttercream frosting, pigs 'n' blankets, Pirate's Booty and lemonade. The Pirate's Booty was almost all gone by the end of the party - and we had to add the second bag we had bought! All the cookies were almost gone as well.

The pirate cake I had made for the party was amazing! It tasted great and matched our decor so well. I had only sent the lady who made the cake two pictures as ideas and let her creativity take over - we were extremely pleased!

My son had a ball at his party and loved when everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to him. His big brother even helped blow out his candle!

 "Get Yer Mug Shots Here" sign, and photo booth props

Pirate Ship backdrop, and camera set-up for picture taking

 "I Am 1" and goody bags

 "Palmer is 1"

 Pirate Party!

 Singing Happy Birthday and Kinley blowing out his brother's candle

Eating the smash cake, Etsy Pirate onesie bought here

Smash Cake and Professional Pirate cake (fed 25 people!)

Family Photo Booth shot!

I was too busy to take a picture of my goody bags, but for the babies' goody bags I put a pirate rubber ducky, bath color tablets, a pirate eye patch and a snack trap container. For the big kids' goody bags I put a blow up pirate sword, a pirate eye patch and candy. 



  1. So cute!

    What sort of flash and attachment do you have for your camera?

    1. We used two LumaPro flashes (a bit cheaper than Canon or Nikon flashes) and they were set off with a wired connection from the camera's hotshoe. We used one shoot-through umbrella to modify the light from the left of the subjects and the right side is a bare flash. Hope that helps!

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