Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Laundry Room Floating Shelves DIY

I've been absent and busy with Spring cleaning chores and re-doing our laundry room. Our laundry room used to be this awful shade of yellow (it came with the house) with one rickety shelf. So I painted the laundry room white (Martha Stewart "Glass of Milk") and my husband built two floating shelves out of plywood and pine. This project was extremely inexpensive, considering we didn't have to buy pre-made shelves from Pottery Barn! I used this blog DIY as inspiration.

The plywood cost $45 for a sheet, which we had cut in half to make 2 shelves. The pine was 2 inches thick and cut to the length of our room and then the length we wanted the shelf to be. Pine was about $5 per strip. We used 3" drywall nails to secure the pine to the walls and then my husband used a stud finder to drill holes into the walls to really secure the cleats. He then just laid the plywood 'shelf' on top of the pine cleats and nailed it to the pine. The front part of the shelf is 2 3/4" pine nailed to the pine cleats and plywood shelf as a decorative finish. I then painted the shelves white.

Now I just need to reorganize my laundry stuff and craft stuff in pretty bins! Off to Target tomorrow!

*I won't include specific measurements of our shelves since every laundry room is different and you may want different spacing between your shelves!

 Before/After - Big difference! 

 Before: Laundry room with awful shelf

 2" pine cleats in place

 Plywood shelves in place and being nailed down

 Front decorative pine nailed in

 Finished shelves - putting laundry room back together

White shelves with lots of room for organization!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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  1. They are wonderful looking shelves. So simple to make and very effective in terms of space creation. Great Job! I have floating shelves pretty much anywhere i can put them in my house. My next project is to build floating shelves around the tv on my living room wall. Going to be a tough project i think. I got the idea from Top9Home.com Wish me luck!!