Saturday, November 22, 2014

DIY Ornament Wreath

I have seen these gorgeous ornament wreaths everywhere lately and I thought I could make one. Just needed some ornaments, a wreath form, and a glue gun. I chose a 7" wreath form and small ornaments I found at Walmart. I should have gotten a mixture of larger bulbs and smaller ones to fill it better because my "little" 7" wreath actually took a lot of ornaments to fill... 105 to be exact. I started off with 60 and ended up rushing back to buy more TWO more times! I saw a wreath similar in size to mine to be about $30 and I probably spent around $24. Not sure if all the gas I used up driving to and from to get more ornaments racks up the overall price of my wreath... but I love it so much and I can't wait to hang it up! I want to try hard to stick to these fun whimsy colors this year for Christmas decorations and our tree. Looking forward to sharing it all with you once we get into December!

DIY Ornament Wreath

- shatterproof ornaments, varied sizes
- glue gun
- styrofoam wreath form
- ribbon

1. Lying your wreath form flat, line the outside and inside of your form with ornaments.
2. Hot glue your ornaments down.
3. Continue to move in a circular fashion gluing your ornaments down.
4. Glue a small piece of ribbon to the back to hang your wreath.

 Glue gun, wreath form, ornaments

 Lay your wreath flat and hot glue ornaments to the inside

 Hot glue ornaments along the outside and start to fill in the center

Completed wreath!

Ribbon glued to the back to hang


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