Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Paper Bag Popcorn Turkey

This Thanksgiving we will be having a separate "kids table" for our two boys. I plan to use their small kids table and chairs, cover the table with butcher paper so they can color on it, and place a big Paper Bag Popcorn Turkey in the center! Kid approved appetizer if you ask me! This is my trial one for next week's festivities, but it did not take long to make and it really can hold a lot of popcorn. Next week, I will be buying a big bag of pre-popped popcorn to help me fill the body of the turkey better. I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week - where did November go?!


- 4-5 bags of popcorn
- 1 large paper bag
- 2 small paper bags
- 1 piece of white paper
- scissors
- glue gun

1. Take one of the small paper bags and make a fist with your hand, stick it in the bag and round out the corners of the bag. Fill it 2/3 full with popcorn, twist the end, and glue gun it shut. Repeat with the other small paper bag, these are the turkey 'drumsticks.'
2. Fold your white piece of paper lengthwise, cut it in half and then cut that piece in half again. Cut a bunch of slits on one side of your strip of paper. Hot glue gun the strip with the frills facing out around the 'stick' of each drumstick.
3. Take your large brown paper bag and round out the corners the best that you can. Fill it full of popcorn, hot glue it shut and fold the bag underneath. If you are using buttered popcorn, try to line your bag with parchment paper to avoid grease stains.
4. Glue your drumsticks to each side of your turkey. Cut the top of your turkey down the center to eat the popcorn.


 How to make your Turkey Drumstick "frill"

 Parchment paper lining the inside of the large paper bag (I used kettle corn)

 Turkey body and two drumsticks

 Turkey body glued and folded underneath

 Paper Bag Popcorn Turkey

Gobble, gobble!


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