Saturday, November 15, 2014

DIY Lego Party and Cake

We have been celebrating my son's 4th birthday ALL. WEEK. LONG. I can't believe I have a 4 year old and I can't believe all the celebrating is over! Boy are we exhausted! But we had the best time! This year my son has been obsessed with Legos so we had a Lego themed party. There are so many creative ideas on Pinterest, but I decided to use only a few and to keep it simple. Snacks and cake for food - cheese and crackers, juice boxes, popcorn, fruit salad, and cake. I made the cake myself in the shape of Lego pieces making a giant "4," with homemade white chocolate buttercream frosting. The cake turned out so cute! Below is how we decorated and how I made the cake. "Everything is Awesome!"

 Lego decorations don't really exist - so I stuck to red, yellow, green, and blue! Make your own Lego piñata here

 Made a "4" out of Lego Duplos and printed the sign FREE from here 

Treat Bags: party bags from Party City, printed "Lego" circles here, scissors, and glue stick

Each kid got a treat bag for their piñata treats and a Lego "minifigure" to build - so much fun discovering which surprise figure they got!

Streamers and "4" Lego sign

 "Happy Birthday" Lego sign I made with scrapbook paper, large hole punch and printed letters I cut out

"Thank You" tags inspired from this free printable, which I made my own writing around in PowerPoint, printed on construction paper, and tied to "Lego" candy I bought from here

I had the kids "Guess How Many Legos" were in the jar - most popular guess was the number "10" - Oh four-year-olds!

 The Cake: dyed white chocolate buttercream frosting, Sheet cake cut and maneuvered to form the number "4" and Oreos were used as the bumps on Legos
Inspired on Pinterest by this picture

Happy 4th Birthday, Kinley!

Who doesn't love cake?!


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