Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Running Journey

I love to run. I love that I can run by myself at the gym with my kiddos in child care. I love that my husband supports me and will watch the boys on the weekend so I can run by myself. I love that my husband will throw the boys in the stroller and run with me (while pushing the boys).

My journey to run more and train started this past January. My goal was to build up to running TEN consecutive miles and run the Garden of the Gods 10-miler. Now this is not just any 10 mile run, it is extremely hilly with hills that progress for up to 1.5 miles of your race. You gain in altitude and being here in CO where we are already a mile in the sky, is a big deal. So I gave myself the goal of wanting to complete the race in 90 minutes, or a 9 minute mile pace. This past Sunday was the race and there are a LOT of amazing runners here in CO and I finished in 90 minutes - I could not be more proud of myself!

I will tell you that I have also lost all that baby weight, and it took me a good year to do so. I also have healthier eating habits, have more energy, and feel like a stronger mom for my boys. I did not use supplements, body wraps, or pay for any type of workout regimen other than my gym membership. I was self motivated and did what was conducive around my busy schedule as a stay at home mom. My goal was to work up to running 10 miles every week (not in one day but within 7 days). Some weeks I could accomplish this goal, some weeks I only had time to make it to 6-7 miles. Last month I proceeded my goal of 40 miles that month to 50.7 miles! No way I could have run that much back in January!

I am extremely proud of where I am mentally with being able to run long distances and look forward to running a half marathon this Summer and joining a Women's Running Group this Fall. My husband and I also recently joined Team Red, White, Blue and look forward to 'wearing the Eagle' in upcoming events with that team. Nothing motivates me more than being surrounded by those who love to run and push themselves!

On to the numbers... My goal was to be a size 4 and to weigh in the 130s again (pregnancy weight before Palmer was 135 lbs, and I gained 40 lbs.). I am happy to say that I am now a size 4 and weigh 137 lbs. It took a lot of hard work and sweat to get where I am today. Of course I would like to be a little more toned in the baby belly area and thighs, but I will get there. I am extremely pleased and look forward to continuing my running journey!

 Mile 6 of the Garden of the Gods 10-mile

Headed into the finish line! (with a cramp... ouch!)

With my little dudes!


 Family picture at the Color Me Rad Run


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