Wednesday, June 18, 2014

DIY 4th of July Wreath and Mason Jars

Good morning! I have been crafting again and prepping for 4th of July festivities! (Yes, I know it's June!) I have for you a cute 4th of July wreath where I used burlap ribbon and twine to tie it together from Walmart. I also made some American Flag Mason Jars that are a perfect Summertime lantern centerpiece when you light candles in them.


- metal wreath form
- twine/pipe cleaners
- burlap ribbon

1. Tie burlap ribbon with twine loosely around your wreath frame.
2. Add more burlap ribbon to create a contrast.
3. Make a bow and tie that on there!

Burlap Wreath

American Flag Mason Jars

- 2 Mason Jars
- Acrylic Paint
- sponge brush
- painter's tape
- stickers
- sandpaper
- tea lights

1. Place stickers of your choice all over jars, so when removed the light from a candle shines through.
2. Paint your jars with white acrylic paint, or Mason Jar glass paint. Allow to dry.
3. Cut stripes/stars out of painter's tape and place on your jars.
4. Paint your jars again with red or blue. Allow to dry completely.
5. Remove painters tape and stickers. 
6. Distress paint with sand paper.
7. Light candles inside your jars.

Steps to paint Mason Jars

 Finished Jars

Lantern Centerpieces!

I even made one using chalkboard paint instead of white paint


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