Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Father's Day Gift DIY

What to buy the dad in your life who has everything?! I saw a few cute picture ideas on Pinterest and decided to have the boys color a poster for their daddy and me take a picture of them being cute in front of it... Did I mention how hard it is to take a picture of two moving targets??? So my picture turned out a little blurry in the end, but I'll take it! Props to those out there who photograph children!

We used a piece of butcher paper and markers and I bought a frame for $5. I just had the picture printed at Walmart to fit a 5" x 7" frame. My youngest son ate the tip of a few markers... next time I'll use crayons. We will probably head out to the mountains to go camping as a family. Enjoy your Father's Day this Sunday!

Busy with their project

Palmer eating markers and Kinley coloring

The Sign


 Framed picture for Daddy!


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