Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine Leis

I'm planning a Valentine's Day Play Date! One of the crafts will be for each kid to make their own "Valentine Lei." They will have yarn and paper hearts and cut up straws to place between each heart. Then we will wear them! Here is how to make them.


- scrapbook paper/construction paper cut hearts
- yarn/string
- straws cut to be about 1 inch long 
- tape

1. Place a 1.5 inch long piece of tape around the end of one side of the yarn. This will be your "needle" as each kid places their paper hearts and straws onto the yarn.
2. Decorate!
3. Wear it!

 Cut straws, yarn, paper hearts with holes in the center

 Tape "needle"

 Finished Valentine Lei

Getting my 3 year-old to stand still is nearly impossible! 


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