Sunday, February 9, 2014

Last Minute Kids Valentine Idea

Valentine's Day is THIS Friday! So I am sure your week will be filled with Valentine's themed parties, play dates, and activities. If you are at a loss for something easy and creative to do for your kids' Valentine's - this would be perfect! I printed out a free printable I found, used my big hole punch to get a perfect circle (you can also use scissors), bought a large bag of Valentine M&Ms, and some shovels at my local Dollar Tree store. Here you go!


- M&Ms
- plastic shovels
- ribbon
- free printable that says "I Dig You"
- plastic cookie/treat bag

1. Print out printable and cut out each circle "tag."
2. Place shovel and some M&Ms in a plastic cookie bag.
3. Tie tag around shovel with ribbon.

Shovel, M&Ms, and free printable

"I Dig You!"


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