Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Valentine's Decor and Lipstick Wine Glass DIY

I'm trying to be ahead of the next 'holiday' so I can share tips BEFORE the actual holiday occurs! So, it's still January, but my house thinks its February. I found a few *FREE* printables for my decor, which I will share. I also bought a cute wreath and "Love" sign at JoAnn's Fabrics for 50% off. I hope you like my Valentine's decor!

 Free "Be Mine" Banner printable here

Free "Love You" printable here

Printable and Valentine's Wreath

Well, tomorrow three of my sweet friends and I are going to Denver to see Justin Timberlake in concert! We even get to spend the night in a fancy hotel and be kidless/husbandless for about 18 hours! I CAN NOT WAIT! So, naturally we are discussing where we will be having dinner and what we will be drinking in the hotel. I thought it would be super fun to make these 'Lipstick Wine Glasses' for all four of us to enjoy while spending our special evening together. It was easy and inexpensive! I follow a cute fashion blogger - Southern Curls and Pearls, who posted about this DIY project. I just had to do it, too! 

- wine glass (already owned, or I bought a box of 4 at Target for $5)
- gold metallic paint pen ($3.99 at JoAnn Fabrics)
- 'lips' printable

1. Pick out a pair of lips that you like and cut it out.
2. Place the bottom part of the lips on the inside of the top of the wine glass and color it in on the glass with the gold paint pen.
3. Allow to dry for 10 minutes before washing/using!

 Wine glasses, gold metallic paint pen, lips printable

Left: Wine glass with bottom lip print to copy over with gold pen
Right: Finished "Lip Wine Glass"

Four Fancy Wine Glasses



  1. Lipstick wine glass is so cute. I wanna try it and create my own design. Thank you for sharing this valentine's artwork.