Thursday, January 9, 2014

Foods to Help Baby Gain Weight

I have a skinny baby. He eats all day, he's extremely active, but he is in the 3% for weight at 16 lbs. 14 oz. at 9 months old. Having a discussion with his Pediatrician, she is not concerned. Palmer is meeting all his milestones and then some - oh and he is a happy baby! But I'd feel better if we could get him to gain a little weight so we don't have to have crazy tests and blood work done when he turns 12 months old. Here is a list of some healthy foods you can give your baby to help "fatten them up" when they are less than 12 months old. I hope this list helps those mommies and daddies who are experiencing something similar!

Foods to Help Baby Gain Weight

1. Avocado - provides "good fas" for you child's brain and physical development, as well as is high in calories.

2. Cheese - whole milk based; loaded with fats and proteins. We either give Palmer shredded cheese or cheese that is torn into small pieces.

3. Whole Milk Yogurt - healthy fats plus probiotics. Try YoBaby Yogurt or Brown Cow Creamy Top organic yogurt.

4. Butter - provides fats that help with brain and cognitive development. Smother bread, bagels, or veggies with some butter.

5. Olive Oil - loaded with calories and fat. You can drizzle some on veggies or pasta for baby.

6. Beef - excellent source of protein and will help increase baby's weight. Ensure baby is at an age were they can eat meat.

7. Bagels - high in calories and carbohydrates. Top with some cream cheese or butter for baby.

Cheese, butter, olive oil, whole milk yogurt, and avocados



  1. I'll be interested to see where Mary falls on the growth chart. Finn is skinny too. Always has been. Not surprised that we didn't make giants :)

    Would they do bloodwork? Finn's ped never mentioned it since he was growing in a nice healthy curve, but it was just his curve - not that average. His weight (and height) have always been aroun the 5th or below.

    Does avocado give Palmer the runs? It did for Finn! He also stopped eating it until recently. Glad he's back to liking it!

    1. Hey Caroline! Yes - the doctor told me they would do blood work and tests to see if his organs were functioning properly if he dips below 3% weight at his 12 month appointment. Scared me to death! No fun! I wish avocado would make Palmer poop! Geez this kid is like always constipated. He is on sensitive formula so it's thicker and I think with that and all these new foods he gets constipated and uncomfortable. I have been using a natural laxative and that seems to help. Palmer loves avocado! So glad Finn likes it again - such a good thing for them to eat.