Sunday, June 9, 2013

Favorite Things Party

I have been dying to share my ideas/pictures/secrets for my "Favorite Things Party!" I have been planning it for weeks ever since my friend Caroline posted about the one she threw on her blog. These parties are very popular according to Pinterest, and I really enjoyed getting ideas for mine on there. The "Favorite Things Party" is inspired by "Oprah's Favorite Things" Show. Essentially, you invite friends and tell them to pick one of their 'favorite things' and bring three of the same thing over. We all write our name on three pieces of paper and take turns drawing names and giving our 'favorite thing' away with a small story about why it's your favorite thing! We also played a game where I gave each guest a piece of paper where they listed their favorite things, such as color, food, top vacation destination, movie, holiday and book. It was a fun ice breaker and a lot of our answers were both different and similar to one another! I learned new things about my sweet friends, which I loved. Plus who doesn't like to receive a few presents?!

Here are some pictures of my decor, snacks, drinks, and of course, the "Favorite Things!"

 The Mommies: Nancy, Martina, Kelsey, Me, Rhianna, Kristen, and Laura

My Invitation... free chevron printable I used from here

My Favorite Thing: A Scarf! 

"Favorite Things" banner I made


Table Scape

 The drinks: Perrier w/ Lime and Sunset Sangria

The Food: angel food kabobs, pita chips with hummus, cookies and cream macarons, spinach and artichoke dip

Favorite Things: Nail polish, spa stuff, Turbie Twist towels, Starbucks gift cards, Burt's Bee lipgloss with notepad, scarves, eye masks, and homemade cinnamon buns with the 'secret' recipe

Who doesn't like leaving a party with a goody bag?!

 A few of my favorite things I gifted each guest: mascara, EOS chap stick, cupcake liners, chevron card, and a frame of the Mommy Mantra "Keep Calm and Mommy On"

What an awesome evening with great friends, conversations, laughs, food, and presents! I received a Starbucks gift card, luxurious lotion, and homemade cinnamon rolls - which my family enjoyed this morning for breakfast! 

Yummy Cinnamon Rolls!



  1. Sunset sangria? Yes please. Looks like it was a hit. Super cute invites. I kinda want to do themed favorite things parties - like favorite book, or something that's your favorite color, something like that...

  2. I found your link on pinterest. getting ready to do one of these parties. Small world, I was looking at your pictures and noticed Rihanna. We went to elementary school together. so funny! Thanks for the tips!