Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Painted Witch Pumpkin

Happy October! I'm so happy October is here and Halloween/pumpkins/costumes are around the corner! Here in CO our pumpkins do not last very long if you carve them, so I am always trying to find new ways to decorate ours without cutting them up. I decided to try my hand at chalkboard paint. Now I haven't tried to write on it with a piece of chalk, but I really like how dark the paint got on the pumpkin with only two coats. Plus I found this adorable FREE printable for a witch hat and I think I will be making more hats for more pumpkins!

Painted Witch Pumpkin

- painters tape
- foam brush
- chalkboard paint
- white pumpkin

1. Wash your pumpkin and dry thoroughly.
2. Tape your pumpkin and seal the edges with your fingernail. I did strips lengthwise to create 'stripes.'
3. Paint your pumpkin. I used two coats.
4. Allow to dry completely before removing the painters tape.


 Taped pumpkin

 Painting the pumpkin with chalkboard paint

 First coat of paint

 Pumpkin stripes

Painted Witch Pumpkin


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