Thursday, October 16, 2014

Kids' Pumpkin Pudding

Still not sick of everything 'pumpkin' over here! My son brought home this super easy recipe for Fabulous Pumpkin Pudding from his Preschool. I actually had all the ingredients and had my son make it. He was so excited that he "baked pudding for dessert!" It turned out really well, so we thought we would share.

This weekend we are having some friends over for a little "Oktoberfest" celebration. I will be trying my hand at a homemade Apfel Strudel that I will share and I might even share my Spatzle recipe with you all... if you're lucky (it really is that good!)!

 Fabulous Pumpkin Pudding

 Adding the milk and stirring

 Folding in the cool whip

 Sneaking some licks from the spoon...

Dig in!


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