Monday, October 21, 2013

You've Been Booed!

My fabulous photographer posted a picture of her son "Boo-ing" his neighbors... so naturally, I had to do the same! However, I don't really know my neighbors... so we "booed" our friends! Hopefully they keep the tradition going in their neighborhoods - since maybe they actually know their neighbors better than I know mine!

I found a cute printout on Pinterest that was just the right size to cut out and attach to the $1 pumpkins I bought at Target to place our goodies in. We made some ghost cookies, included some ghost marshmallows, candy corn, a glow stick wand, Reese's pumpkins, and a little pumpkin with Skittles in it. Here are the pictures of us prepping to "boo" my son's buddies. I didn't get any pictures of him in action, as it was super cold and raining - but Kinley had a blast yelling "BOO!"

Printout - Directions on how to "boo" 2 of your neighbors and a sign you hang in your front window so you aren't "booed" a second time

 Baking the ghost cookies

 Candy Corn and Ghost Marshmallows

 Putting baked cookies in bags

Boo Treats!


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