Sunday, October 20, 2013

Paint Fashion Pumpkins

This morning I went outside to get our pumpkins so I could start painting them and noticed we were ONE SHORT! Someone (probably some punk kid) took one of our pumpkins. Sad. So I frantically washed two of them and started painting! I kept one of our pumpkins not painted so we can actually carve it the day before Halloween. In case you didn't know, here in Colorado it is so dry that the second your pumpkin is carved and put outside... it immediately starts to sink in. This is why I decided to paint pumpkins this year.

I saw on Pinterest that a 'chevron' designed pumpkin was called a "Fashion Pumpkin." Too cute not to try! I just used masking tape to tape off the 'chevron lines', painted my pumpkin, removed the tape, and used a baby wipe to clean up the paint that had bled through the tape. I recommend using painters tape if you have any, that might mitigate clean up for you. My kids are going to be Despicable Me Minions for Halloween, so I quickly painted a cute minion face on our tall and skinny pumpkin. Hope you all have fun decorating your pumpkins this year!

 Taping off my pumpkin 'chevron' design


Minion and Chevron "Fashion Pumpkins"


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