Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kid Pizza Waffles

Pizza and waffles combined equals some pretty happy kiddos! I saw this idea on Pinterest, only you give your kids a side of pizza sauce to dip their pizza waffle in... I saw disaster. So, I altered the recipe by putting a dollop of sauce, 3 pepperonis, and a chunk of mozzarella cheese inside the "waffle" (biscuit) instead. These did not take long to make and it was the perfect solution for lunch last week when we were snowed in and school was cancelled! Looks like we will be having some more snow days in the near future, so I will be heading to the grocery store for some more biscuits!

Pizza Waffles

- Pilsbury Grand biscuits
- pepperonis
- pizza sauce
- mozzarella cheese
- waffle maker

1. Take one biscuit and open it up and place your sauce, 3 pepperonis, chunk of mozzarella inside. Close and press the biscuit sides back together to keep everything inside. Repeat for all biscuits.
2. Using your waffle iron, place 4 biscuits in each waffle place and allow to cook until ready.
3. Dip with extra sauce if you can trust your kids!

Biscuit with sauce, pepperonis, and cheese inside

 Pizza Waffles!

 Delicious and mess free!



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