Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cupcake Bouquet

Valentine's Day is just a few days away! Why not shower your co-workers/friends/family with a cupcake bouquet?! I have been dying to try to make one of these and it turned out so well! You can even put some green tissue paper in between your cupcakes to make "leaves" and hide your styrofoam ball better. Now I made this the night before, and two cupcakes lost their frosting overnight! So, I recommend assembling it the day you plan to share it, or keep some frosting in a piping bag on hand to fix your cupcakes! I also do recommend placing your cupcakes on the toothpicks around the styrofoam ball before you frost them, so you can make sure they are secured tightly. Then frost your cupcakes! I used Valentine's Funfetti cupcake mix and frosting.

I have a few more Valentine's themed recipes coming your way this week and a few more new dinner recipes to share next week!

 Cupcakes, toothpicks, flower pot, styrofoam ball

 I used 2 toothpicks (sometimes 3) per cupcake

 Cupcake in toothpicks

 First row of cupcakes

 Cupcake Bouquet

 Frosted Cupcake Bouquet

View from the top


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