Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bring It, 2015!

What a wonderful year we have had and what an exciting new adventure 2015 will bring our family! I'm sorry I have been MIA as we have been traveling for the holidays. We had such a great visit on the east coast with everyone and our kids were spoiled with love (and presents!). As per tradition (5 years now!), we had an obscenely early (5:30 pm) dinner reservation at the Mexican restaurant down the street where we celebrated New Year's Eve as a family with salsa, fajitas, margaritas, champagne, and a shot of tequila!

Tomorrow, I hope to share my reading list goal to read one book a month last year - which I did accomplish! (Go me!)

As for 2015, my husband will be transitioning out of the Army after ten years! He has been studying when he's not at work and was able to apply to 3 awesome grad schools to earn an MBA, and he got accepted to all 3 schools! Our family will be moving this Summer to the great state of Pennsylvania and Kyle will be attending Wharton in the Fall. I think this year will be moving fast, but I know we are a strong team and have some pretty resilient kiddos that will make this journey worth while. Here's to new beginnings! Happy New Year!



  1. Wow, very exciting year ahead for your family. Best of luck to Kyle as he transitions out. Not sure what's in store for us - I suspect Miles will stay in, but who knows - the "outside" always looks so tempting!

    1. Thank you for reading! I always enjoy catching up with you and your family on your blog! Lots of changes happening to include a job for ME when we move while Kyle is a full-time student. Exciting and scary! But we know this is the best for us.