Monday, September 9, 2013

Time for... Preschool!

My sweet little boy started Preschool today. I think tears would have been shed if he hadn't acted like a crazy person getting ready this morning... but I am so proud of him for getting through his first day with a lot of new distractions and big changes in his schedule. Education is extremely important to my husband and me, so we are thrilled he was old enough to start in a 2.5 year old class this year. Now if only I knew what to do to make the time away from him pass by! I think I will frequent the gym some more. But it was really nice to run errands and enjoy coffee INSIDE the Starbucks with my mommy friends and our babies! One thing that I don't think I will ever get used to is feeling like I am forgetting someone... or how much I really missed Kinley. My heart totally melted when he ran into my arms when I came to pick him up today!

So, of course I had to take tons of pictures this morning to document this special day. I found an awesome blog where you can print off a "It's My First Day of ____" sign to take pictures with. I will most likely use one every year until my son is too embarrassed... hopefully not until he reaches High School, though!

The Sign - used a piece of construction paper and an 8"x10" frame

 Kinley holding his sign!

 Carter, Marley, and Kinley totally over taking pictures before school started

 Me and my Big Boy Preschooler!


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  1. Charlie goes to sleep at 7 now and it definitely feels like we are missing something when we're watching a movie on the couch without him, so odd at first! Enjoy your mon-dates :)