Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DIY Cardboard Box Fire Truck

So my son is OBSESSED with fire trucks. He plays with his toy fire trucks, we read books about fire trucks, he screams in the car every time he sees a fire truck. My son LOVES fire trucks. So, naturally I was thinking of throwing him a "Fire Truck" themed Birthday Party. Now here in Colorado you can do tours of fire stations, but you can not host a birthday party there. Also, fire fighters will not drive their truck to your house for a party either. I've been brainstorming like crazy trying to figure out what to do that incorporates fire trucks. I came across this birthday party, and I fell in love with their idea. Now I'm not sure how to plan for a fire truck 'race' in mid-November here in Colorado... so I will have a twist!

Below is the first (probably of a dozen) DIY Cardboard Box Fire Truck I made! I'm probably going to be the coolest mommy tomorrow when my son sees this bad boy!


- cardboard box, size large (my son has long legs)
- can of Red spray paint
- packaging tape
- construction paper
- craft glue
- scissors
- tupperware lids

 Large box assembled with only the bottom taped, top left open with sides folded in so child can sit in and "ride" the fire truck

 Spray painted box

 I used tupperware lids to cut "lights" and "wheels" for the fire truck

I even added a "window" and a "ladder" on each side - completed "Fire Truck!"


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  1. Lovely.what paint you used?i am making a steering wheel for my nephew for ipad game play