Monday, April 29, 2013

Open a "Box of Sunshine"

My sister is currently deployed to Afghanistan... so I am always looking for good ideas/holiday ideas/ fun things to send her to brighten her day a little! I found this awesome idea to send her a "Box of Sunshine" complete with PDF files with cute notes to include. The basis of the gift is to buy a bunch of items that are the color "yellow" and send them to someone to brighten their day a little. Now I know she's working hard over there, since "every day is a Monday," so I thought this would be perfect for her to receive! 

We love and miss you, Aunt Rae Rae and we hope you enjoy your surprises! Here are some pictures of the box and the "yellow" items we included for her.

 PDF note we included

 "Yellow" items to include a picture frame with a picture of her nephews (and some yellow nail polish)!

 "Sunshines" cut out from a picture my son colored

"Open a Box of Sunshine!"


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