Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earth Day Play Date

Happy Earth Day! I have been planning this "play date" for my 2 year old and his little buddies for a month! I wanted to get the kids together to plant their own "Lorax" pots that I found on Pinterest. I also made a semi-healthy snack of a "Tree-on-a-Stick" out of Trix cereal and marshmallows. My husband even bought a tree for us to plant in our backyard! Luckily we had fantastic sunny weather to do all this, since the next day we woke up to a Winter Wonderland - only in Colorado! Below are my pictures documenting this fun Earth Day Play Date.

 Small Terra Cotta pots, googly eyes, yellow yarn, orange cotton balls... and a glue gun!

 Lorax Pots


A Tree!

 Table Scape with pots, Marigold seeds and soil

Planted Lorax Pot

 Planting their Seeds

 Outside putting dirt on the tree

Ta-Da! The Tree!

And of course a play date would 't be complete without some playing... 


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  1. Cute blog Brittney. I tried posting on your other blog when you had your baby, but it wouldnt let me, but at any rate many congrats on the safe arrival of Palmer.

    I was very confused at first by your comment as I have a friend named Brittney who lives here and couldn't make it to the Favorite things party. Her husband is named Kyle. I thought "he's not deploying!" but I'm sad to hear that your Kyle will be. Hope all is well with you and your boys.