Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fall Decor with FREE Printable

I love Fall. And I'll admit - I have already decorated a little bit for Fall. I found THE cutest FREE printable that reads "I Love Fall" and it comes in orange (pictured below), green, yellow, pink and blue. I used a wooden door wreath, a rustic wooden frame, and some glitter faux leaves to display this print on my front door (purchased at JoAnn Fabrics). I also printed it to display on my bar in the dining room. Hope you like my Fall decor!

"I Love Fall" wreath

 "I Love Fall" FREE printable

Fall Decor: "Fall" banner purchased here, Garland made by my kiddos how-to here



  1. Thank you so much for featuring my banner and a link to my shop in your blog! I was so surprised and flattered. I feel I have "arrived"! Love your pictures and recipes.

    1. Thank you for creating your cute printable and for posting it on Pinterest! I get lots of compliments on my wreath!