Monday, March 30, 2015

"Little Blue Truck" Birthday Party

Beep Beep Beep! Palmer is 2! My boys are obsessed with the "Little Blue Truck" books, so I knew I had to do at least one of their birthday parties with this theme! I ordered our invitation on Etsy and I will tell you that it is hard to find "Little Blue Truck" invitations because of recent copywrite issues... But I'm sure you can think/design of something cute! We actually did not have the party at our house because we thought the house would still be showing to sell - but it was so nice not having to clean up before and after the party. We had the party at a local indoor playground/gym "Little Monkey Bizness" and invited a few 2 year old friends. What a fun time the kiddos had and I hope you enjoy our decor!

I will give a shoutout to The Fondant Ribbon - she did an amazing job designing and making a fondant cake topper for Palmer's birthday cake. She even cut out little number "2s" and placed them in the blue truck bed! So glad it turned out!

For the cake - I did Blue Velvet cake in the box (Palmer wanted "blue cake") and white whipped frosting. I used a darker blue frosting in a tube for the piping and wish I hadn't because it was a super soft frosting and kept melting as I was piping the cake. I had to frequently place the tube and cake in the fridge to harden it up a bit! But overall, the cake turned out so cute with the topper and tasted great!

Balloons - I had a vision of animal balloons for this party and I had to special order them... and they only came in extra-large size! These balloons were from Bargain Balloons online and were about $10 for 4 balloons, frog, cow, pig and horse. $8 to ship them and then $15 to fill them up at PartyCity. These were some pricey balloons! But they were so cute and really completed the decor. I had a small red wooden truck from Pottery Barn kids that I painted blue to place the balloons in.

I also made a banner for Palmer that we hung up. Goody bags had a little tag I made and we placed a bag of animal crackers inside, some play-doh with a plastic farm animal cookie cutter, two little farm rubber duckies, and 2 blue truck cookies that I  made.

What a fun day! Enjoy!


Banner: scrap paper, black paint, hand painted letters

Little Blue Truck fondant topper

The Cake!

 Blue Truck I painted

 Animal Balloons

Goody Bag tags

 Goody Bag loot

 Little Blue Truck cookies

Palmer is 2! Beep Beep Beep!


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