Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Apple and Pumpkin Fall Mason Jars

Fall projects are keeping me busy! I made these sweet Mason Jars out of pint sized jars and attached a free printable tag I found here. You can fill these with candy corn, fruit snacks, candy or little trinkets. They also look super cute as a Fall decoration in your home. We filled the apple with fruit snacks and some lollipops and the pumpkin jar with candy corn.


- pint Mason Jars
- green spray paint
- wooden knobs (Hobby Lobby)
- brown acrylic paint
- red acrylic paint
- orange acrylic paint
- green scrapbook paper
- scissors
- hot glue gun

1. Remove the metal lids from your Mason Jars and spray paint them outside with your green spray paint. Allow to dry completely.
2. Paint your jars with your acrylic paint either red or orange. Allow to dry and paint another coat.
3. Paint your wooden knobs brown and allow to dry completely.
4. Cut green leaves out of your scrapbook paper and once your knob is dry, glue gun them to the knob.
5. Glue your knob and leaves to the lid of your Mason Jar. Screw your lid back onto your dry jar.
6. Attach a cute tag, fill, and give to a friend!

 Apple and Pumpkin Mason Jars!

 Apple with "For the Apple of my Eye" tag

 Pumpkin with "Happy Fall Ya'll" tag


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