Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Christmas in November

I feel that Thanksgiving is coming so fast this year and Christmas will be right around the corner after we eat some turkey! So, to help get ready before it's December and I'm scrambling to decorate our house - I have already started. I have decorated a holiday wreath and hung our stockings on a decorated mantel. I also bought my son a Christmas Kiwi Crate and we made the two crafts in the crate together.

I did a review on Kiwi Crate back in June, obviously I'm still a fan! First of all, I absolutely love the packaging of the crate and all the tiny pieces and instructions that go to each craft. This specific box was the "Little Christmas" box and I had gotten a 25% off coupon I used to order it off The two crafts inside were "My Little Tree" - a Christmas tree made out of pipe cleaners on a stick, and "My Folded Ornaments" - paper ornaments that needed to be decorated and glued together to create a cool 3D ornament. My son had a ball crafting and I even got to color an ornament!

The first craft was "My Little Tree." Turned out super cute and we can't wait for the glitter paint to dry so we can put it in my son's room!

The second craft was "My Folded Ornaments." The Kiwi Crate came with felt stickers, crayons, and a glue stick to decorate with. We can't wait to hang all four on our Christmas tree!

For my mantel above my fireplace, I bought cardboard letters that would say "BE MERRY" when placed in order. They were $2.49 each at Hobby Lobby. I used a 9 ft. long evergreen garland with lights behind the letters. I bought the garland at Target 3 years ago for $10. I re-used Christmas ribbon I found in our Christmas "stuff box" that my mom created a gorgeous bow with and attached it to the left side. I also purchased a can of Gold Glitter paint at Hobby Lobby for $7.99 and used it to spray paint all my letters to add some 'pop.' Then we hung our stockings. 

"It's starting to look a lot like Christmas...!"

Lastly, my Holiday wreath. I am loving all the burlap everywhere that seems to be making a comeback. So I found some awesome wired, red and tan burlap ribbon at Hobby Lobby that I just had to have. Made a bow and attached it to my "go-to" Christmas wreath of a plain evergreen wreath and a gold initial "B" I had painted 2 years ago for this wreath. Simple and pretty. 


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